Neysie Auto Service Centre provides its loyal customers with a car registration service in NSW. All vehicles that are driven or towed in New South Wales need to be registered, we made sure that we provide mechanic-related service required for the registration process. At our centre, you can get a Blue Slip, Pink Slip or Brown Slip, depending on your needs – just give us a call now and we will schedule you for a vehicle inspection as soon as possible, and when it best suits you!

Completed checklist on car service.

How Do I Know Which Inspection Process to Go Through

Depending on the type of vehicle you are looking to register, we provide three types of inspections:

  • Blue Slip Inspection – An extremely detailed inspection required for te determine that the vehicle and all its parts are legally obtained and not stolen. The inspection process is similar to pink slip inspection, just a lot more detailed.
  • Pink Slip Inspection – A profess during which a licensed mechanic checks the vehicle to determine whether it is in the most optimal condition. We have a checklist that we go through to see if the car is roadworthy and we do not issue a pink slip until all the items are ticked off.
  • Brown Slip Inspection – A process that all heavy vehicle owners need to go through in order to get a vehicle registration in NSW. A brown slip is issued only after we take a look at all the components and parts and make sure that they meet the standards.
Late model cars in clean mechanic workshop.

Why Complete Vehicle Registration at Neysie Auto Service Centre

With a multitude of vehicle registration services to go around in New South Wales, why should you come to us?

Because we will:

  • guide you through the process, as we know that the amount of paperwork can be confusing and overwhelming. It is also important to know that the registration process and paperwork differ for new and used vehicles. Neysie Auto Service Centre staff has completed countless car registration procedures and we know precisely what they entail.
  • be detailed and efficient so that you know that the slip you are issued for car registration is not just a piece of paper. After leaving our shop, you will be certain that the vehicle you are going to drive is road-ready and completely safe.
  • fix the issues that must be addressed in order for the vehicle to be in the most optimal condition. Our mechanics have experience working with a range of vehicle makes and models, so if we notice any problems that will prevent you from passing the inspection, we will fix them right away.

and we won’t

  • trick you into doing more work than required as our goal is not to profit from this process but to get you on the road in the most secure and reliable vehicle possible.

Schedule Car Registration in Sydney with Neysie Auto Service Centre

Place your trust in our friendly professionals to guide you through the process stress-free. Obtain Blue Slip, Pink Slip or Brown Slip at Neysie Auto Service Centre and get your car on the road ASAP.

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