Tyre Changing

Neysie Auto Service Centre is a one-stop-shop for all your tyre-related requirements. We are a professional, experienced and well-equipped team of mechanics who have years of experience performing a range of automotive services for a range of vehicle makes and models. If the time has come for a car tyre change, we are the go-to team. Get in touch to specify your requirements and agree on the best time to schedule a tyre change.

CAR WHEEL ALIGNMENT - Neysie Auto Service

Do I Need a Tyre Change

Not sure whether your tyres are at the end of their lifetime? Don’t hesitate to contact Neysie Auto Service Centre and consult with one of our mechanics. We have years of experience inspecting a range of tyre types, looking for the signs of damage. We have the skills and the knowledge to determine whether a tyre can be repaired or it needs replacing.

Don’t think driving with worn-out tyres is not a big deal – if the threads are worn, there is a high possibility that your tyres will perform poorly in bad weather conditions, as well as off-road. When the threads are in the optimal conditions, your car grips the road better. Furthermore, driving with old and damaged tyres will put greater pressure on other parts of your vehicle, shortening their lifetime.

We here at Neysie Auto Service Center advise our clients to opt for a car tyre change service when they notice some of the following signs:

  • Excessive wear in the centre tread
  • Excessive wear of shoulders
  • Excessive wear on one side of the tyre
  • Uneven thread
  • Knobby thread on the outer tyre section

The above-listed signs may indicate improper car tyre inflammation, poor wheel alignment, or problems with the toe-in value. In any case, we advise you to arrive at Neysie Auto Service Centre and have our team inspect the tyres. If we determine that it is too late to fix the tyre and a tyre change is a better alternative, we recommend scheduling this service as soon as possible. Driving with new tyres will help you prolong the vehicle’s lifetime and maximise your security and safety of other passengers, no matter the weather or road conditions.

Completed tyre service on alloy wheels.

What We Can Do For You

Neysie Auto Service Centre provides full tyre service for any vehicle type – from balancing and cleaning to a tyre change. Since the first day, our focus has been on building a team of expert technicians who already have the skills and experience working with a range of vehicle types and models, but also who are eager to learn. As a result, we today boast a team of highly trained and certified automotive professionals who can perform a range of services, from registration, performance upgrades and batteries, to wheel alignment, tyre puncture repairs, tyre balancing, tyre change service, and many more.

Contact us right away if you believe it is high time for a tyre change – equip your vehicle with a par of new tyres so that you can hit the road with a greater degree of confidence.

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