Tyre Balancing

Have you felt any unusual steering wheel vibrations while driving? If yes, it means your car tyres might be out of balance. Don’t stress – it is a common issue that occurs on every car but don’t neglect to schedule car tyre balancing as soon as you notice the first signs of the problem. Here at Neysie Auto Service Centre, we employ a team of seasoned automotive professionals who have years of tyre balancing experience in their portfolio. We highlight to all our clients that regular car maintenance and logbook services are essential if they wish to make sure that their vehicle operates at peak performance. Thus, we urge you to give us a call and have your tyres checked on a regular base and perform car tyre balancing if need be.

Wheel alignment tools.

How Do I Know My Tyres Need Balancing?

In the most ideal situation, the weight of the rim and the tyre should be evenly distributed around the axles. If the weight is not spread evenly, you are looking at a tyre misbalance. Although it is considered a relatively minor issue, postponing car tyre balancing can be the cause of a much greater problem with your vehicle. At Neysie Auto Service Centre, we like to schedule regular tyre balancing services for our loyal clients because we know that a proper tyre balance can bring about a number of benefits for the driver, passengers, and the vehicle itself.

There is no specific time frame inside which you can expect this problem to occur. It all depends on a number of factors, mostly concerning a driver’s specific behaviour, like severe braking and fast cornering, as well as specific road conditions they are driving day-to-day.

When the tyre tread wears down unevenly, you should pay a visit to a local, trusted mechanic’s shop to have the car checked out. If you put off taking your car for tyre balancing, you may be looking at reduced driving performance,

  • Some of the most common signs of misbalanced tyres include:
  • Wheel vibrations at high speeds
  • Minimised ease of driving at speeds greater than 80 and 120km/h
  • Lessened tyre-road surface contact
Mercedes AMG disc brakes and alloy wheels.

How We Can Help

Neysie Auto Service Centre performs reliable car tyre balancing services with quality and efficiency in mind. Our shop is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that we use to inspect the state of your vehicle and establish the best approach to improve its condition.

We have first-class stationary equipment intended for car tyre balancing – what we do is clamp the wheel in the balancing machine and make it run. With the help of special sensors, we detect any possible rim irregularities which we correct by placing small weights to the specific rim spots. Once we ensure the wheel runs smoothly, we place the wheels back onto your vehicle.

Schedule Car Tyre Balancing With Neysie Auto Service Centre

Balance out your tyres to maximise driving safety and comfort, as well as overall vehicle performance and lifetime. Arranging regular checkups of your wheels and tyres will bring about enormous benefits so don’t hesitate to contact Neysie Auto Service Centre right away.

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