Pink Slips

Looking to register your vehicle and need to get a pink slip? Turn to Neysie Auto Service Centre – we will do whatever it is in our power to schedule to have your vehicle inspected when it best suits you so that you have all the necessary paperwork for the registration. We employ a team of experienced mechanics who have issued countless pink slips in Sydney, NSW and contributed to the greater road safety. We are professional, fair, and efficient, so rest assured you will receive a proper service at our shop.

Bentley in mechanic workshop.

Why I Need a Pink Slip for my Car

A pink slip in NSW is also known as an eSafety check and it represents an official report you get from a pink slip mechanic that the vehicle you are looking to register is roadworthy. If you are driving a vehicle that is more than 5 years old, you are required to get a new pink slip in order to apply it for registration. The eSafety inspection has to be conducted in an authorised inspection station like Neysie Auto Service Centre for the pink slip certificate to be considered valid.

If, during the inspection, we determine that the vehicle requires any repairs, you are obliged to complete them in order to receive a pink slip. Instead of a pink slip, you will be issued a white slip which is valid for 14 days during which Neysie Auto Service Centre will complete any required repairs.

Mechanic using sockets.

Why Get a Pink Slip at Neysie Auto Service Centre

Since the establishment, our goal has been to become every driver’s go-to provider of all automotive services. We wish to be a one-stop-shop for all your needs, from logbook services, oil and battery changes, tyre repairs, wheel balancing and alignments, as well as any work required for the process of vehicle registration. We are also employ licensed pink slip mechanics who will take a look at your car and determine whether it is roadworthy.

We Can Complete All Work In One Place

If, for any reason, you car doesn’t pass the pink slip inspection, Neysie Auto Service Centre will enlist the things that need to be addressed and do them right there on the spot. By choosing us as your mechanic, you don’t have to drive around the town looking for solutions – we can do it all here in our shop and help you get your car road-ready.

We are reliable and efficient

Our professionals have built their reputation on excellent service and quality workmanship. If you turn to us when you need to get a pink slip in NSW, you can rest assured that we will do a detailed inspection, propose the necessary fixes and not attempt to trick you to undergo needless repairs just to get more out of you. Our mission is to ensure a safe drive for you and all the passenger in your car.

Get a Pink Slip at Neysie Auto Service Centre

Call now to agree on the best date to complete the eSafety Inspection. Our mechanic will take a detailed look at your vehicle and issue a pink slip if all is in order.

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