Blue Slips

Rely on Neysie Auto Service Centre to complete a blue slip inspection and determine whether your car is safe, in the optimal condition, and ready for the registration process. We employ a team of certified mechanics who have conducted numerous blue slip inspections over the years and will provide the most accurate representation of the state of your car. We understand that sometimes, going through this process can take a lot of time and stress, which is why we aim to schedule a blue slip inspection when it best suits you and complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Why Blue Slip Inspection is Obligatory

A blue slip is a statement you need to get from a licensed mechanic which proves that your vehicle is in proper condition, that it meets design and identity standards, and is as such safe to be driven on Australian roads. It is imperative for a driver to schedule a blue slip inspection prior to the registration process because you are required to enclose a blue slip with the rest of the paperwork when you arrive at the vehicle registration point.

A blue slip inspection is obligatory for all vehicles which have been unregistered for more than three months or if it was just bought, in New South Wales or imported from overseas. A blue slip is also obligatory for all vehicles that were previously written off, have no number plates, or need defect notices cleared. Furthermore, if the vehicle has been significantly changed (eg. new engine installed) you are required to take your vehicle to a licenced blue slip mechanic.

Here at Neysie Auto Service Centre, our blue slip mechanic will, as a part of the process, inspect your tyres, fluids, brakes, lights, seatbelts, and check to see if there are any leaks. The process is similar to pink slip inspection but is more detailed as it involves identity check to determine that the vehicle and its parts are obtained legally, and not stolen.

The cost of a blue slip differs based on the type of vehicle you wish to register – whether it is a light vehicle, motorcycle, trailer with or without brakes.

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What You Need for Blue Slip Inspection

When you schedule to have your unregistered vehicle undergo a blue slip inspection, you need the following items:

  • Proof of your identity (eg. driver’s licence)
  • Proof that the car was purchased (take a Certificate of Registration signed by the previous owner, a bill from a motor dealer, or a Notice of Disposal from the previous owner)

Why Get a Blue Slip at Neysie Auto Service Centre

We employ a team of licenced and professional mechanics who are known for their excellent customer service and diligent work. Our goal is to provide an efficient service and help you receive a blue slip that will allow you to get on the road as soon as possible. Feel free to contact us at any time and someone from our staff will see how we can fit a blue slip registration in our schedule.

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